Borderlands Science, A Puzzle Game With Real-World Benefits, Launches Inside Borderlands 3

A new in-game arcade machine in Borderlands 3 has a practical, real-world benefit for scientists–here’s how to access it and how it helps.

Is Gaming Science’s Secret Weapon?

Gamers are the world’s largest group of scientists. When you play games like Borderlands 3 and Eve Online you can contribute to cutting edge research. Scientists have a problem with data…there is just too much of it! By utilizing Citizen Science, gamers are able to band together and help change the world. In this video we speak with game developers, players and top researchers who have helped bring Citizen Science into the world of gaming.

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Borderlands Science Special – The Bordercast

Tune in for a SPECIAL Borderlands Science episode of the Bordercast featuring the scientists behind the game, along with hosts Tess and Mitsu!

Borderlands 3 Science (Explanation Booster Glitch)

I made this video for all who have played it and all those curious about if the boosters and if they are worth it! If you know how to play already skip to about 3:15 for more info on the boosters and testing.

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Borderlands 3 Walkthrough Gameplay with commentary Borderlands science Claptrap Puzzle Part 1

Borderlands3 Science
New mini game for Borderlands3
Match the patterns and complete the challenges to collect points and buy Buffs.