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TNA Wrestling Issues Statement Regarding Cancellation Rumors

Amidst rumors that Destination America is planning to cancel Impact Wrestling, TNA has issued a statement, and threatened possible legal action.

“It has come to our attention that several internet news sources have falsely attributed statements to TNA, its executives and broadcasting partner. These false statements constitute defamation and if necessary we will seek all legal remedies available to us,” said the statement.

Destination America Reportedly Cancels All TNA Wrestling Programming. Before it was announced last Friday that Impact Wrestling would be moving to Wednesday nights beginning on June 3, 2015, Destination America officials made the decision to cancel the show and all other programming from the Nashville, Tennessee-based company. This is according to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

IMeltzer reported that all TNA programming will cease to air on Destination America at the end on the last week of September, when the current television season ends.
reasons given for the cancellation of TNA shows. While Destination America officials considered the ratings for Impact Wrestling to be good, the numbers were not good enough to justify the cost of the programming for Impact Wrestling.

The decision from Destination America was meant to be kept secret, quite like how Spike executives kept secret publicly last year their decision to drop Impact Wrestling. A public acknowledgment is expected to be made when the station reveals its 2015-16 television season prime-time lineup.

Following the March 13, 2015 Destination America officials made the decision to cancel Saturday morning programming under the belief that eliminating the replay would help the Friday numbers as the only numbers they care about.
Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling, was made aware of Destination America’s decision & it doesn’t appear that most of the talent knew anything since word of this had not gotten around. Her knowledge of the cancellation
Impact Wrestling moving to Wednesday nights, but that is uncertain. Carter didn’t respond to any questions on the subject from Meltzer.
Meltzer noted in his report that Destination America’s decision has not been finalized. Employees at the station, however, not been told anything new since a memo was issued to them informing them of the cancellation. Meltzer noted that “this story is very much ongoing.”

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Breaking News: Spike TV Has Canceled TNA Impact Wrestling

Shocking Bulls*it-

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