The Office: We Finally Know Who Jan’s Sperm Donor Was Supposed To Be

One of the enduring mysteries has finally been solved, and it’s unexpected.

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A Shortage In Black Male Sperm Donors??… Okay…

She wanted a Black sperm donor to have a child. There were none.

Black sperm donors represent less than 2 percent of all sperm donors at the country’s four largest cryobanks, according to a Washington Post analysis.

The severe shortage is forcing Black women who need donor sperm to conceive a child into a painful choice: Choose a donor of another race and raise a biracial child or try to buy sperm from unregulated apps and online groups.

The reasons for the shortage are myriad: failure among cryobanks to recruit Black donors; a selection process that demands a three-generation medical history (which may be challenging for Black men who may not have access to quality health care) and excludes donors with felony convictions; mistrust of the medical profession by Black men because of a legacy of historical discrimination. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Mom Discovers Sperm Donor’s Background Was a Lie

Wendy Norman has always been upfront about the fact that she had her 18-year-old son Alex using a sperm donor. She recalls picking the profile of the donor, which said he was 6-foot-4, athletic, had an IQ of 160 and was pursuing a neuroscience engineering doctoral degree. But the donor was actually a college dropout who has been hospitalized for schizophrenia and spent time in jail. Now Wendy and her son worry that Alex might develop schizophrenia. #InsideEdition